Special Needs Patients

Dentistry tailored to special needs patients results in better outcomes.

seniors dental health

Good Oral Hygiene and Regular Dental Checkups Are Key to Preserving Dental Health for Seniors It surprises many seniors to learn that cavities aren’t just for kids — and neither is taking good care of your teeth. In fact, it may even be more important as we age to pay special attention to dental health. Read More >

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy Gingivitis is a Common Condition that is Easily Prevented One of the most rewarding, exciting and happiest times of life happens when you’re expecting a baby, and you want that time to be one of the healthiest times of your life as well. After all, a lot is riding on that. At Downtown Dental Read More >

Child Dental

This is Your Child’s Introduction to the Dentist, and We Want to Make a Good Impression Fear of dentists is nothing new, and it’s certainly understandable considering the somewhat invasive nature of dental exams and treatments. But these things are essential to good dental and overall health, which is why we at Downtown Dental Associates Read More >


Make the Most of Your Braces By Taking Great Care of Your Teeth While You Wear Them You’ve taken the time and expense to get braces for your teeth, and this is an investment in your future, how you’ll look, how you’ll feel, and even how your teeth will wear over time. But braces are Read More >

gum disease warning signs

Good Oral Hygiene and Regular Dental Care Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease You might get away with having very few symptoms of gum disease in its early stages, but sooner or later, the telltale signs will appear. We hope that you never see those signs because you’ve heeded our near constant recommendations about good Read More >

Prophy and Periodontal Cleaning

Talk to Your Dentist About Prophy and Periodontal Cleaning If you visit this blog with any regularity, you know that the professionals at Downtown Dental Associates of Portland feel strongly about the importance of preventative dental care. In fact, we think it can’t be overstated: Good home care and regular cleanings and dental exams will Read More >

Bad Breath

How To Take Control if You Have Bad Breath It’s every Romeo or Juliet’s nightmare, but bad breath doesn’t have to ruin your life — or your dating life. There are simple ways to take control of the situation and ways to know when you can address the problem yourself and when to seek help Read More >

lost front tooth

If Saving the Tooth is Not Possible, There are Permanent Solutions To Save Your Smile We often talk about the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile in this blog, but sometimes the unthinkable happens, and a front tooth is knocked out. Obviously, our first choice at Downtown Dental of Portland is to save the tooth, Read More >

Off-The_Shelf Mouthguards Save Money Up Front But Can Cost Dearly In The End Saving money is a good thing. No doubt about that. And sometimes it’s perfectly ok to go with the knockoff version of a product to do just that. Who cares if your pen comes from the greatest pen maker in America? And Read More >